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Hurricane Season is Here. Does Your Business Have a Generator?

Posted by: Cooper MechanicalWednesday, June 07, 2017

Hurricane Season is Here; Prepare for Outages 

June 1 marks the beginning of "Hurricane Season" for the Atlantic region, and forecasters are predicting an "above-normal" year for hurricanes. According to the NOAA, "forecasters predict a 70 percent likelihood of 11 to 17 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 5 to 9 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 2 to 4 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher)."

Last year Hurricane Matthew caused severe damage and days without power, and the year before Hurricane Jaoquin delivered catastrophic flooding. Whether hurricane or tropical storm, high winds along the Grand Strand can easily knock out power for an extended period of time. Can your business survive without power for that long?

Commercial generators are a sound investment for businesses in the Myrtle Beach area.

Effects of Power Outages Can Hurt Business

Interruptions in power to businesses have far-reaching effects. For example, if your business' network goes down with the power, can you still do business with customers? Will employees be able to be paid? 

In addition to profit loss and inability to manage day-to-day operations, loss of power can also be a safety hazard. Are your security systems, lighting and cameras backed up with generator power?

Manufacturing, financial, and technology businesses are at the top of the list of businesses most adversely affected during a power outage, but entertainment, food service, and hospitals are also in the top 10.For those in the hospitality and service sector in the Myrtle Beach area, a lengthy power outage may mean food and beverage spoilage and loss of business. During Hurricane Matthew, successful grocery businesses were able to serve the public and continue to do business because they were smart enough to use a commercial generator to supply 100% power over lesser standby power options.

It should be noted that many commercial insurance policies offer coverage for utility interruption. We always advise that businesses learn exactly what their policy covers and excludes in these types of situations.

How Do Commercial Generators Work?

Simply, commercial generators monitor the main power supply coming into your business. When power is interrupted from a storm or hurricane, for example, the generator's sensors detect it and disconnect the utility line while simultaneously switching from standby mode to resume power. When the normal current from the utility line is present and detected, the generator will automatically switch back into standby mode once again. 

Cooper Mechanical Services Sells and Installs Commercial Generators

Cooper Mechanical Services has been supplying Myrtle Beach area commercial properties will HVAC, refrigeration, electrical and generator solutions for decades. Our knowledgeable team deals with a variety of generator types and brands, and we offer free consultations to find the best generator for your needs and budget. We sell Cummins Atlantic products but also work with CAT, Generac, and Kohler.

Don't let the severe hurricane predictions catch your business unguarded. Call Cooper and let us help you keep the power on.

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