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Why Should You Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance?

Posted by: Cooper MechanicalFriday, January 22, 2016

You visit the dentist twice a year, see a doctor for an annual physical check-up, and change your vehicle’s oil every 3-5K miles. These planned, routine activities are required for the health of our teeth, bodies and automobiles. Why should your HVAC system be any different?

Cooper Mechanical Services specializes in residential and commercial heating, cooling, electrical and refrigeration in the Myrtle Beach and greater Grand Strand area. The best way to get peak performance out of your HVAC system is to join the Clean and Service Program at Cooper Mechanical Services.

With a Clean and Service contract, a CMS professional will arrive and assess the specific needs of your heating and cooling units to ensure that they function properly. The scope of work includes the following:

  • Chemically treat and clean all evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean drain pans (adding drain pan cleaning tablets) and drain lines
  • Check refrigeration pressures
  • Check thermostat operations
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Test all safety controls
  • Verify proper operation of all systems

These regular checks keep HVAC units clean and in peak performance. They also help identify issues before they become major problems, saving you money and the frustration and discomfort of system failure.

Whether it’s your vehicle, your body, or your HVAC unit, all systems need scheduled maintenance and upkeep to stay operating properly. We take comfort in knowing our highly trained staff will keep your workplace and home comfortable throughout the year.