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Mike Ruggieri

Why did you get into the HVAC/electrical industry?
I was working hotel maintenance for a couple of years. I was tired of dealing with all the nasty plumbing problems. the days that I helped the HVAC technician were my more enjoyable days at work. I decided to go to school and get a job in HVAC.

What do you like best about the HVAC/electrical industry?
The challenging problems that arise on a daily basis. The constant on the job training is also a huge bonus.

How long have you been in the HVAC/electrical industry?
I have been in the industry for 3 years and with Cooper Mechanical for 1 year.

What activities, hobbies or other interests do you have?
I enjoy watching football and playing golf.

Do you live in the area?
Yes, I live in Myrtle Beach with my wife, son, dog and cat.

Licensed North carolina and South Carolina