Electrical companies are modern day knights in shining armor. 

Without proper lighting, your house can become a dark dungeon in no time at all. Are you lighting candles and creeping through the hallways? Are you a prisoner of relentless power outages, in the gloomy cave of your own home? Does all seem lost? It’s time to call an electrician and watch them save the day. 

Calling in the cavalry might seem like a drastic decision, but if your home is experiencing any of the following problems, you have no better option. 

1. Circuit Breakers Tripped and Fuses Blown? 

This is a prime indicator that an underlying electrical issue might be responsible for repeated power losses. If your system is getting interrupted too frequently, it means that the circuits are drawing more power than they can handle, and it’s time for an upgrade. 

2. Flickering Lights and Power Surges. 

Some appliances draw more power than others. If you’re experiencing surges, these power-hungry gadgets should be routed along dedicated circuits to prevent them from drawing away from other electrical uses. 

3. Shocking and Over-Heating. 

If your outlets are warm to the touch or have a tendency to give a little shock when you use them, it could be a sign that the circuit is overworked. It could also be an indication that the wiring is faulty or at least on its way to going bad. This can be very dangerous, but is a surprisingly common problem in older houses with outdated aluminum wiring. Have the wiring checked regularly if this is the case in your house.  

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