Home HVAC is a huge industry across the country, but do you know the full story when it comes to heating and cooling your home?

Almost every home, apartment, condo, or business building has some form of HVAC system. Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer isn’t just a perk of living in the 21st century; it’s a fact of life. So how did it get to be this way? Here are 3 facts you may not have known about HVAC:

1. Home HVAC is More Than Just Creature Comfort. 

You probably didn’t know home HVAC is one of the contributing factors to living longer lives. Life expectancy increases when there are fewer threats to human health, and heating and cooling systems reduce the spread of once-common diseases. Climate control also improves quality of life and has improved the national economy by allowing people to work year round and maintain productivity in extreme weather conditions.

2. Frozen Pipes are Unlikely. 

Having frozen pipes is a common fear that many homeowners have every cold season, but how likely is it to happen? The truth is that it takes about 3 days of freezing temperatures for properly sealed pipes to freeze, so in the South, it’s typically not as common for this to occur as people think it is. 

3. When in Rome…

Like most modern concepts, home HVAC technology has its roots in ancient Roman civilization. They were the first people to use warm-air heating systems and also positioned living spaces above heat sources to warm the floors they walked on. 

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