Air conditioners don’t last forever, but if you know how to treat yours, it will serve you for years to come.

Old air conditioners can be a burden. As they accrue damage from long-term use and general wear and tear, they can become inefficient and more costly to run and repair. But investing in a new cooling unit is also daunting and expensive, so if you can extend the life of your system, that’s the way to go. 

If your air conditioner is on its last legs, here are some general tips for getting more mileage out of those final months. Likewise, if you are just purchasing a new unit, take some of this advice early on and keep your unit running smoothly for years. 

• Keep your unit cool by planting shrubs or other coverage nearby. Your unit keeps you cool, so return the favor! It will use spend less energy on cooling and save you money. Just be sure not to plant so close to the unit that your service tech can’t access it easily.

• Take time to perform regular maintenance. Keeping your unit clean will make a huge difference when it comes to preventing emergency repair situations. Changing the filters and doing a simple check-up make for a good investment in the long-term life of your unit. 

• Take back-up precautions. You don’t generally need to run your cooling unit 100% of the time, and having a ceiling fan or a floor fan can be inexpensive alternatives on days when the heat isn’t so bad. Investing in some cheaper cooling alternatives also means your unit gets a break every now and then from managing an entire house.

• Think about circulation – don’t put furniture or other obstacles on top of vents. The harder it is for cool air to circulate, the harder your system has to work.

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