The holidays are almost upon us, which means homes full of fun, feasting, family, and friends. Unfortunately, it also means increased energy costs, and for one core reason: heating uses far more power than cooling does. 

This article will discuss five simple, money-saving tips to help you get the most out of this holiday season!

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A common culprit in HVAC energy waste is systems overworking when no one is home.

With so many programmable thermostats and controls on the market, it’s never been easier to get around this problem. They allow you to create a custom schedule for your unit, meaning they only use energy when necessary. They’re also precise, consistent, and further cut energy costs by keeping your home in an exact temperature range. 

Programmable thermostats can also be paired with zoning systems to control the temperature in specific areas of your home. 

Maintain Your System Regularly

Your system must be in tip-top shape if it keeps your home the temperature you want, right?


Many people skimp on HVAC maintenance, which puts their system and safety at risk. However, all it takes is an annual maintenance visit with Cooper to protect your home, health, and wallet. 

Change Your Air Filters

The more you use your HVAC system, the more dirt and dust stop it up. When this happens, your unit works harder and uses more energy. 

An easy way to keep your system working at its best is by changing the air filter every 90 days. Replacing filters will also steer you clear of breathing in all the gunk a clogged filter is missing.

Check Your Insulation 

Poorly insulated windows, doors, roofs, and walls are common culprits for energy loss in the home. Subpar insulation is often the cause of this. 

Simply put, insulation slows the transfer of cold and heat in your home. However, too little insulation means quicker, more drastic temperature changes and higher energy bills. So, if your home feels drafty or your electric bill constantly rises, it might be time to replace your insulation. 

Similarly, weatherstripping around windows and doors can help maintain temperature and decrease airflow. Be sure to replace any stripping that looks loose, ripped, torn, or frayed. 

Buy a Humidifier

Fall and winter are a welcome break from the South Carolina humidity. But a little moisture in your home is exactly what you need when things cool off on the Grand Strand.

Low humidity plus cooler weather can lead to breathing problems and dry skin. These conditions can also damage wood floors and furniture over time. By setting a humidifier between 30% and 45%, you help your body and home. The higher moisture levels also help HVAC units run more efficiently. 

Get in Touch 

There’s no better time than now to optimize your home HVAC system. 
So, are you ready to get the most out of this holiday season? Get in touch and get started today!