Specialty Construction and Electrical Equipment: The Trencher

The Cooper electrical division handles electrical and power supply needs for customers of all sizes. We invest in our team and equipment to offer our Myrtle Beach customers fast, reliable, and affordable service. Our certified, licensed, and bonded electricians use company-owned heavy machinery to ensure jobs are done right and promptly. 

Recently, our blog covered our bucket truck, which gives our team an aerial platform for lighting and electrical jobs in high places. Another piece of specialty equipment we use frequently for electrical jobs is a trencher. As the name suggests, this machine efficiently digs trenches for electrical lines or piping.

A Machine for Digging Trenches

First, trenchers come in many types and sizes. These include walk-behind portable models for landscapers to large wheel models for cutting through hard rock. The Cooper team uses a trencher for a single purpose: cutting deep and narrow trenches for burying electrical and telecommunications lines. 

Additionally, many areas have underground cabling, which can have higher up-front costs but offer many benefits. These include longer life spans, cost less to operate, and better protection against the elements, just to name a few.

For residential and most light commercial jobs, buried electrical lines should be at least 24 inches underground. Thankfully, our trencher allows us to do this quickly.

Get in Touch

Trenching with the wrong equipment is never a good idea. Without a doubt, it’s costly, time-consuming, and more trouble than it’s worth. Our team can get right to work with our trencher. There are no sub-contracting or rental costs, so you can rest assured we’ll complete your job as soon as possible!

So, are you powering a new construction? Adding power to an existing structure? Whatever the case, we’re ready to help. Reach out to Cooper today!