Occasionally Cooper Mechanical Services receive thank you letters from our customers. We are pleased to be a part of the Myrtle Beach community and strive to offer exceptional HVAC and Electrical service. Below is one such letter from a great customer. 

To Cooper Mechanical Electric

I had the please of hiring Cooper Mechanical Electric to restore my home after flood damage. Terry Weibel showed up immediately to assess damage and assured me their team of professionals could do the job. The began the dirty work of removal in the worst wet conditions possible while adhering to insurance requirements and keeping me informed. My concerns were met with explanations and reassurance. I’m happy to say the proposal was accurate and was carried out in its entirety. Terry was incredible.

Jeremy, David, Landon, Jake, Steven, John and the girls in the office are a great team. Halfway through the job, Steven encountered a serious structural problem. He stopped work immediately and contacted me; giving me the opportunity to make corrections. If not for his honesty and integrity I would have been facing extreme expense and heartache in the future. He is not alone, the entire company exceeds expectations. Glenn Cooper has been successful due to dedicated people who are proud to work for a company with high standards and exceptional work ethics.

Thank you fro a great job. 

Joyce B.

Myrtle Beach, SC