Summer in Myrtle Beach Without AC? No Way!

Myrtle Beach vacation companies love to market Myrtle Beach as a summer beach destination, but one thing that doesn’t always translate in those photos of happy families outdoors: the oppressive heat and humidity. For us lucky to call the Grand Strand home, summer sometimes feels like we just shuffle from one air-conditioned space to another until the sun has set and temperatures drop. Even if you do venture outdoors for a bit, there’s solace that you’ll soon be back indoors, a little reprieve from the sun until the next adventure. 

Sometimes the AC isn’t as refreshing as it should be though. You adjust the thermostat and stand close to a vent, but all you feel is warm air blowing on you. 

If your AC is blowing warm air, it’s a signal that something needs attention. A little troubleshooting can help homeowners better communicate their problem to HVAC professionals so you can get your AC back up and running.

Basic AC Troubleshooting Before You Call

1. Check Your Expectations: Okay, this one isn’t a troubleshooting task, per se, but sometimes we have unrealistic expectations for how quickly an HVAC system should cool a room. Have you given your system enough time to warm up and lower temperatures? Do you have a lot of uncovered windows? Keeping shades and blinds shut can help expedite the cooling time, so just be mindful of elements that may make cooling your space more difficult for your system.

2. Check Your Filters: Clogged filters limit airflow and cause your AC system to work twice as hard to cool your home. If airflow is weak out of vents, change your filters and test it again. 

3. Check Your Thermostat: One simple solution to the warm air problem is checking the thermostat to make sure it is set to “Cool” or “Auto.” If your thermostat is in “Fan” mode, it is just circulating air without cooling it. Additionally, it’s possible that your thermostat could have slipped into a programmable pre-set that doesn’t reach your comfort level or the times when you want AC.

4. Check Your Outdoor Condenser Unit: Do a visual and auditory inspection of your HVAC unit beside your home. Is it free of grass, leaves and debris? Clogged or dirty coils can impact performance. Does running unit sound normal? Note strange sounds and noises that are out of the ordinary.

Call Cooper for Emergency AC Services

If you’ve performed the tasks above and your AC is blowing warm air, give us a call. You’ll have done some basic troubleshooting, and your answers will help us with diagnosing the issue before we even get to your door.

Summer in Myrtle Beach without air-conditioning can be miserable. Cooper Mechanical Services provides 24/7 emergency HVAC service so you won’t have to wait. Need help? Call Cooper!