Last month we highlighted some basic tips for preparing your home air conditioning unit for summer weather. This week, let’s looks at some of the things you should do to keep your AC unit functioning in extreme heat.

No surprises here: South Carolina gets hot and humid. It seems like weather has been moving toward more extremes in recent years. The National Weather Service recorded more consecutive 100+ degree days in South Carolina in 2015 than in recorded history. Temperatures are not just uncomfortable; during peak summer months the highs can get dangerous, and a properly cooled home is a necessity.

One thing we recommend at Cooper Mechanical Service is a Clean and Service contract. Allow one of our professional technicians to inspect and service your HVAC system before the dog days of summer are upon us. When triple-digit days hit, your cool air system will be strained. A clean system is better prepared to handle the stress of high usage than one with dirty coils.

However, there are also some simple things the average homeowner can do to make sure the AC unit doesn’t have to work any harder than it needs to:

• Change Filters: dirty filters can slow air flow and push your unit harder than it needs to.

• Close Shades and Blinds: keeping sunlight out will help keep rooms as cool as possible.

• Check for Leaks and Insulate: check for drafting doors and windows or other areas where cool air may be escaping.

It’s also important to go into the extreme heat of summer in the Myrtle Beach area with some reasonable expectations. In extreme heat, it may take your unit longer to cool your home to a desired temperature than on less-hot days. And always, if you are concerned that your unit is not working properly, let us help you out. Cooper Mechanical Services offers 24/7 emergency service, and we also have a convenient online form for scheduling service.