Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important to your overall health. Dust, mold spores, and other pollutants aggravate your lungs, potentially spreading illness and causing discomfort. Contaminants can also exacerbate serious health conditions, like allergies and asthma. If you find yourself suffering from repeated colds and flu, if you have newfound allergies, or if you experience breathing problems, the culprits could be alive and hiding right in the air.

Thankfully, being microscopic doesn’t protect these particles from the powerful filtration techniques used by Cooper Mechanical Services. Even better, these filtration techniques can be surprisingly affordable. Something as simple as switching the brand of your air filter can boost your indoor air quality. Unfortunately, there are times when you need more advanced measures. For those jobs, you want to work with professionals.

Cooper Mechanical Services technicians have the tools to discover why your air is dirty, and the experience and skills to clean it up correctly. If you want to know what is in your home’s air, set up an Air Sampling Test using Cooper’s Air Advice Analyzer, and provide reports on temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter for a period of 5 to 7 days.

We know what it takes to improve indoor air quality in a wide range of situations. You and your loved ones can breathe easy again after a diagnosis and treatment plan is put in place by our qualified staff.

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Cooper Mechanical Services:

Diagnosing and Solving Indoor

Air Quality Problems in Record Time

When things are urgent and people in your home are suffering, you can trust Cooper Mechanical Services to handle your air quality problems. We have received the training and tools needed to diagnose these problems. Armed with detailed information on what is contaminating your indoor air, we can begin immediately resolving the issues.

This includes the ability to deal with mold. These micro-sized organisms release toxins into the air wherever they grow. Many varieties do little more than create bad smells, but others attack the human body, leading to serious health problems, especially in young children.

One way of preventing mold from traveling throughout your home is by sealing the ductwork running heated and cooled air from room to room. EPA studies show as many as 80% of American homes experience duct leaks, and they release dirty, dusty air from your attic and basement into your living spaces.

Cooper Mechanical can help you improve your indoor air quality through these services as well as:
• Residential & commercial dehumidification
• Whole home electronic air filtration
• Air filtration testing
• Balancing and sealing air ducts

Contact the indoor air quality experts at Cooper Mechanical Services to schedule an assessment or duct sealing today.

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