In-Wall Dehumidifiers are Perfect for Condos and Small Homes

Myrtle Beach is hot and humid. Sometimes that excessive moisture in the air finds its way inside. Moist indoor air feels hotter, stickier, and is generally uncomfortable. Without proper humidity control, many try to make up for this by overcooling their homes. Unfortunately, this puts extra pressure on your HVAC system, leading to higher utility bills. That’s why a slim-profile in-wall dehumidifier is the best solution for removing humidity from your condo or small home. 

In-wall dehumidifiers like the Ultra-Aire MD33 run independently of your HVAC unit. Moreover, you can hardwire them to existing electrical, and they can run on a 110v outlet with a simple cord. 

Benefits of an In-Wall Dehumidifier

Unlike portable dehumidifiers, these dehumidifiers require no manual work. No dumping captured water and no turning on and off. In-wall dehumidifiers can remove up to 33 pints of water daily, removing it from your home to the outdoors through a drain pipe.

These systems are popular in the Myrtle Beach area, especially with condo owners looking for affordable humidity control. In addition, here are some more reasons these units are so popular:

  • They’re convenient: Once installed, a digital dehumidistat controls humidity levels for the highest comfort.
  • They look good: The slim profile of 5 3/4″ fits perfectly inside a wall between studs. 
  • They’re a cinch to install: We can have your in-wall dehumidifier up and running the same day. You may connect to a standard power outlet to avoid hardwiring to electrical.
  • They’re perfect for smaller spaces: Lastly, stand-alone dehumidifiers like the Ultra-Aire model are sized for up to 1,200 sq. ft. making them excellent additions to condos or small homes.

Live in Comfort and Give Your HVAC a Break

Without a dehumidifier, you may be overcooling your condo. That being the case, removing extra moisture lets you keep your HVAC running less, saving you money and discomfort.

To learn more about a slim profile in-wall dehumidifier, call Cooper Mechanical Services today.