Forget the secret recipes, restaurant refrigeration is the most important ingredient in any meal. 

Food needs to be properly stored to retain freshness and flavor. Kitchens rely on dependable refrigeration for a variety of reasons; safety standing chief among them. Storing food at the proper temperatures isn’t just preferable; it’s a necessity to prevent food from spoiling and contaminants spreading throughout the ingredients. Given that you can’t afford a fridge on the fritz, here are some tips you’ll find tasty.

1. Maintenance Isn’t Optional. 

Because refrigeration is such a pivotal part of your kitchen, make sure freezers, coolers, and other appliances are performing at top levels. Having a checkup when you notice something off is a good way to prevent larger issues that could throw off entire restaurant operations. 

2. Upgrade When You Need More Space. 

If your restaurant is doing well, you might be in a position to think about expanding. One big mistake that kitchens can make is trying to make do with too little space. As you expand the ambitions of your kitchen and your menu, your refrigeration should keep pace. Trying to fit more food in the same refrigerator space will put your products at risk for poor temperature regulation. 

3. Freezers, Refrigerators, and Storage. 

Hitting the sweet spot with the design in your kitchen can be a challenge. Make sure you have all the elements you need to get the best combination of function and form. From commercial to display products, your business deserves a product that reflects purpose and performs without issue. 

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