Zoned HVAC Systems for Balanced Comfort

When you set your thermostat, is one room significantly warmer or cooler than another? If it’s hard to maintain a steady temp throughout your home, it may be because your HVAC system is not a zoned system. Instead of sensing air temperature at one point and cooling an entire structure based on a single sensor location, a zoned system uses multiple units and divides a house into zones to be regulated separately.

This is common in two story homes with each floor having its own “zone.” However, there are other structural features that may need a zoned HVAC system. Heating and air conditioning can be tricky in unconventional spaces. Homes with lots of glass, vaulted ceilings, large wings or open floor plans can make maintaining a consistent temperature tricky.

Why You May Consider a Zoned HVAC System

Zoning your heating and air conditioning system can customize temperature control. This helps combat areas of your home that tend to stay cold or warm because of positioning to sunlight, amount of glass, etc. 

But what does this mean for monthly costs and comfort? When deciding if your home is a good candidate for zoning, there are a couple key factors to take into consideration.

The first has to do with your temperature experience. Many homeowners who choose to pursue retrofitting for zoning have noticed an imbalance in temperature distribution. If your system is struggling to evenly heat or cool a large area, it might a good idea to look into localized temperature control options. 

Another issue that can influence the decision to use zoning methods is efficiency. Many homeowners prefer to heat and cool only the rooms they actively use on a daily basis. For larger homes, this can be a great way to cut costs without taking a hit in comfort. Why pay to keep a room warmed up or cooled down if you aren’t going to be sitting or sleeping in that area? 

Zoning provides homeowners with the opportunity to specifically customize the temperature in different parts of the house. This can mean setting your thermostat on a timer during the day while you are at work so you save on heating and cooling costs when the house is empty, or zoning just the bedrooms during the night while residents are sleeping and other parts of the home are empty. 

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