With a maintenance agreement, you can spend less time worrying about your system and more time enjoying the comfort.

Some of the big benefits of a maintenance agreement are the regularly scheduled service checks. Having a trained technician inspect your system on a regular basis means you are unlikely to fall victim to nasty emergency repairs, even if you live in a notoriously problematic climate. 

Though it’s nice to live so near the beach, you probably already know the double-edged sword of your salty environment. It’s great to be near the breezy coastal elements, but the salt and sand can really pose a threat to mechanical equipment, including cars, major appliances, and HVAC systems. 

Salty air can cause substantial damage to the coils in your HVAC. Specifically, the condenser coil is often corroded by the salt air exposure. Aluminum is particularly susceptible to this process and can become stripped away if not properly maintained and protected. This can reduce airflow and minimize overall heat transfer. 

Are people living in these coastal salty areas doomed to a life of inefficient HVAC woes? Certainly not! Getting your system serviced on a regular basis will help to drastically reduce the impact of wear and tear on your heating and cooling experience. The best way to schedule cost effective service appointments is with a maintenance agreement. These contracts include yearly scheduled service inspections that guarantee you will remember to get the preventative maintenance your system needs to counteract the salty impact. 

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