Your maintenance agreement is a small measure that could make a big difference. 

Having a solid maintenance agreement means you are dedicated to getting a consistent performance from your HVAC unit. Maintaining a properly running system is in the best interest of homeowners, even if they don’t want to admit it. Sure, the hassle of scheduling a regular visit from technicians is slightly annoying. And there is a small expense associated with a maintenance agreement. But these factors are nothing compared to the inconvenience of an emergency repair that strikes when you least expect it. 

If you live in a beachside environment, the need for a maintenance agreement is even more extreme for your home. Sand and salt are two dreaded enemies of HVAC equipment. Sand is a nuisance even if you don’t bring expensive appliances into the equation. But if you add an HVAC unit to the mix, the potential for mechanical issues increases. Sand can trap salt residue and other corrosive moisture inside the machine, creating an accelerated rate of damage. 

To a certain extent, this is an unavoidable predicament. It’s almost impossible to completely protect your HVAC system from the negative impact of sand. But there are some precautionary measures you can take:

1. Preventative Maintenance.

Regular maintenance updates are more critical than ever when sand is a factor. Getting ahead of potential mechanical issues before they escalate is the only way to save money. 

2. Regular Rinse.

Fight rust development by spraying your unit down with the garden hose on a monthly basis. This will prevent degradation and buildup of rust. 

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