Commercial services can help your business overcome growing pains. 

When you first set up shop, commercial HVAC services are but a twinkle in your eye. There is so much to do before a company is off the ground and running efficiently; this is why many business owners often neglect the little details, such as HVAC operating costs. They just get a system installed and plow ahead with other concerns. But as time goes on, the price of this decision might add up to more than you think. 

Sizing up Your Space

Many business owners think that more is better – especially if they are faced with discomfort from problems like inefficient heating. But the reality is that sizing any commercial space for a new heating and cooling system depends on several factors: 

  • Air Flow – More than the square footage of a building, the shape is paramount to determining airflow efficiency. Two buildings with the same square footage might need totally different sized systems. 
  • Duct Work – What kind of duct system is in place and does it effectively deliver air to the entire building? 
  • Insulation – As time goes on, cracks and imperfections in the insulation may need to be addressed more urgently than your actual heating and cooling system. 

Energy Audits

If you notice your commercial building is ratcheting up high utility bills every month, you should invest in an energy audit to pinpoint the source of the problem. Upgrading the HVAC system is only going to improve your costs if you identify the pre-existing conditions that determine heating and cooling inefficiencies. 

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