Everything Works. Until It Doesn’t.

Your residential HVAC system is essential for keeping you and your family comfortable year-round. Though our winters are relatively mild in Myrtle Beach, we do experience cold and freezing temperatures. When Deb Bramlett noticed a strange noise and an HVAC unit encased in two inches of ice, she called Cooper Mechanical Services for HVAC repair

An HVAC Unit Encased in Ice

Deb Bramlett knew she had a problem on her hands when she woke up on Sunday morning in January to her heating acting oddly. When she looked at the HVAC unit outside, she saw that it was encased in ice. She needed fast, reliable, and honest HVAC repair service on a Sunday in the middle of winter, so she called Cooper Mechanical Services.

It can be hard to get a technician on the phone on a Sunday morning. But 15 minutes after leaving a message, Andy, a Cooper technician, was on the phone asking questions about her HVAC. As Deb recounts: “He first asked me if I had heat. He asked me if the unit was making noise, and when I tried to explain the noise, he offered a ‘does it sound like this?’ response.” After gathering some background information, Deb had a scheduled visit for later that day. 

Reliable and Professional Service, Even on Sunday

When Cooper Mechanical Services arrived at Deb’s home, “Andy assessed the problem, defrosted the unit, explained to me what the issue was, and assured me that my problem would be fixed.” Andy and Eddie, Cooper Mechanical Services’ technicians, determined the cause to be a faulty coil sensor. The coil sensor, or defrost sensor, is responsible for measuring coil temperature. If the sensor worked properly, it would have engaged the defrost to prevent icing. 

With the problem identified, the solution was a quick fix. After manually defrosting the unit, the coil sensor was replaced, and the HVAC unit was restarted and tested twice.

Deb Bramlett’s experience with Cooper Mechanical Services led her to emailing us to tell us about the professional service she received. She writes: 

“Andy and Eddie are two FABULOUS representatives for Cooper Mechanical! If I were a business owner in the HVAC industry, I would steal them for my business!  And by the way…in this COVID world we live in today, both gentlemen had masks on. Having worked in management in the retail/service world, all too often you hear the bad and never the good and that is why I am writing to you. Andy and Eddie delivered exceptional customer service for Cooper Mechanical!”