Heating Sales and Installation

Heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces are vital to any business. Whether you are looking for a new heating system for a new location or replacing an existing system at an old one, Cooper Mechanical Services is here. We offer many commercial heating products across a variety of manufacturers and our installers are skilled and experienced with all kinds of setups.

Heating Repair

If your heat pump, boiler, or any part of your heating system isn’t up to standard, trust the Cooper commercial HVAC team to get you back up and running. Our professionals repair heating systems in all types of environments around Myrtle Beach, from hotels and restaurants to hospitals and retail.

Heating Maintenance

To keep your heating system up to code and working optimally, sign up for a commercial HVAC Clean & Service plan. Commercial maintenance improves efficiency and increases the life of your heating and cooling system, saving you money and headaches in the long run. Commercial Clean & Service plans are customizable to the size and needs of your business. We also offer maintenance plans specific to hotels and commercial kitchens.

Commercial Heat Pump, Boiler, and Heating System Sales and Installation in the Myrtle Beach Area

Reduce energy costs and increase heating efficiency with a new heat pump or boiler. Myrtle Beach businesses rely on Cooper Mechanical Services for turn-key HVAC service, including heating system sales and installation. Explore heating solutions include smart systems and building automation. Keep your business running up to commercial code with Cooper Mechanical Services.

From hospitality and food service to retail and healthcare, Cooper Mechanical Services will help you find the HVAC system designed for your needs and square footage. Heat pump and HVAC installations are done by certified professionals who take the time to educate you on system features and maintenance requirements.

Commercial Heating and Heat Pump Repair for Myrtle Beach Businesses

A business without heat is uncomfortable and probably does not meet required South Carolina DHEC standards. The Cooper repair team is available 24/7 for emergency heat repair. Heat pumps, furnaces, and more, our repair team works quickly to solve commercial heating problems and get your business back up and running. We work with all major brands and all heating system styles.

Myrtle Beach businesses trust our team for heating repair that is fast, dependable, and done right the first time. We aim to earn your trust through proper diagnosis, free and honest estimates, and professional repair.

Commercial heatin installation Myrtle Beach

Regular HVAC Maintenance for Your Business with a Clean & Service Plan

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Without regular maintenance, your heating system will decrease in efficiency by as much as 5% each year. Not only will your heat pump have to work harder to maintain your comfort, leading to more wear and tear, but you’ll also notice increased heating costs as your system ages. Investing in a Clean & Service maintenance plan helps businesses save money and increase the longevity of their heating equipment.

With a Clean & Service plan, businesses receive customized maintenance including a deep chemical cleaning. With each visit, your HVAC system will be chemically treated and cleaned. A Cooper professional will inspect your system’s mechanical and electrical functions inspected and complete a diagnostic test. Scheduled maintenance during the shoulder seasons will ensure your business is prepared for colder weather and reliable heating when you need it.