Commercial AC Sales and Installation: Keep employees and customers cool with commercial HVAC solutions from a variety of top manufacturers. Our team will help your business find the best air conditioning system for your needs and budget. We specialize in HVAC installations for commercial enterprises of all sizes including hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing.

Commercial AC Repair: AC failure can affect profits and your ability to do business, especially for businesses in healthcare, hospitality, and tourism. Cooper provides 24/7 emergency repair service for commercial air conditioning and HVAC. Cooper Mechanical Service repairs PTAC, split systems, VRV/VRF, and rooftop systems.

Commercial AC Maintenance: Keeping your air conditioning in good health is essential to business in Myrtle Beach. HVAC Clean & Service plans for businesses are customizable to your needs, but all plans make sure your units are professionally cleaned, maintained, and inspected on a regular basis. We also offer special plans for hotels and commercial kitchens.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation for Myrtle Beach Businesses

Air conditioning installation is essential to keep your business running, and Cooper Mechanical Services can help. We provide commercial HVAC sales and installation to Myrtle Beach area businesses, including rooftop units and high-rise installation. Our commercial HVAC team can guide you through the process of finding a cooling system to keep employees and customers comfortable and energy costs low.

Cooper Mechanical Services is an authorized dealer of commercial HVAC solutions for several major brands. We offer competitive pricing and can help your business explore energy rebates and offers to help you maximize value and efficiency.

Dependable Commercial AC Repair to Keep Your Business Running Cool

The safety and comfort of your employees and customers is paramount. With emergency repairs available 24/7, Myrtle Beach businesses can count on Cooper Mechanical Services to keep things cool and working right. No other team in Myrtle Beach matches the commercial repair expertise of Cooper’s highly-trained, certified technicians.

 Cooper Mechanical Services is Myrtle Beach’s local commercial HVAC contractor. The commercial AC repair team builds strong relationships with Grand Strand businesses through quality repair service and competitive pricing. Our skilled technicians work with all types and brands of commercial AC equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Save on Energy Costs and Increase the Life of Your AC with a Clean & Service Plan


Commercial HVAC Clean and Service

Head into the heat of summer knowing your business’s cooling system is up to the task. Businesses that schedule regular cleaning and maintenance reap savings from increased HVAC efficiency and reduced repair costs. Closing for repair is costly, and a Clean & Service plan can provide an early alert on a potential problem before your business’s busy time. 

A commercial Clean & Service plan from Cooper Mechanical Services includes a full inspection and deep cleaning and can be customized to your needs. Each visit includes a chemical cleaning all evaporator and condenser coils and condenser pans, as well as a full flushing of drain lines. A diagnostic test of coolant pressure, thermostat operations, and electrical components ensure your system is running at its best. Businesses can also add stairwell pressurization, ventilation, and commercial refrigeration service to annual plans.