Commercial Lighting Solutions in Myrtle Beach

In addition to HVAC, Cooper Mechanical Services has built a reputation as a leader in electrical solutions for the Grand Strand. Commercial lighting design, lighting installation, and lighting repair is one way we help Myrtle Beach businesses. In this post we’ll look at how effective lighting design can not only keep your business safe and accessible, but can also deter crime.

Commercial Lighting for Safety and Accessibility

Indoor and outdoor lighting design can serve a number of purposes, but the first is safety. Good lighting allows employees, customers, and whoever else is visiting your business to navigate your space safely. Whether you use pole lighting, ground lighting, or a combination of styles, the goal is to make spaces accessible and safe, whether by foot, automobile, or wheelchair.

Additionally, interior and exterior lighting can be used to call attention to certain elements, whether that’s a main entrance, a product display, a sidewalk, or signage. In the end, lighting ensures safety and ease of use for all, regardless of your business or industry.

Commercial Lighting to Deter Crime

In Myrtle Beach, crime tends to rise during the summer. This is largely due to the influx of nearly 15 million tourists and visitors. For Myrtle Beach businesses and residents, this means and increase in robberies, burglaries, car thefts, and other targeted attacks. Because of this, the City of Myrtle Beach recently installed 800 security cameras around high-traffic and high-crime areas

Local police remind residents that the most effective way to prevent crime is to be proactive: lock car and building doors, set alarms, and keep areas well-lit.

According to the National Institute of Justice, improving lighting can reduce crime by up to 20 percent..

Cooper Mechanical Services can help you protect your business and employees with the following:

  • Energy-efficient, High-light Parking Lot Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting for Entrances, Walkways and Signage
  • Exterior and Interior Sensor Lighting
  • Electrical Design for Security Systems

As an unlimited-license electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, Cooper Mechanical Services is well-equipped to design, install, or repair and upgrade a wide variety of lighting and electrical solutions for increased safety. 

Call Cooper to Learn More About Lighting for Safety

The Cooper electrical team is happy to visit your business or workplace. Together, we’ll assess existing lighting and consider how additional lighting or upgrades may improve accessibility and safety.

Call Cooper and make sure your business is safe.