commercial Refrigeration

A refrigerator or freezer at your hotel or restaurant that can’t hold the required temperature is bad news. There’s the risk of spoilage, food poisoning, and profit loss. There’s also the risk that your business will be shut down by DHEC until your commercial refrigeration issues are resolved. It’s an expensive problem, and one that can quickly put your business in the red.


Commercial Refrigeration Installation:

Professional installation of your commercial refrigerator, ice machine, or cold case. Our team ensures proper installation which meets the power requirements and building codes that govern your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair:

Repair to all components of your refrigeration units including those related to electrical. From bad coils to worn seals, we will diagnose and repair your refrigeration issue with honest and dependable service.

We sell and service Beverage Air, Hoshizak, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and more.

With our 24-hour/7-day-a-week emergency line, you can expect a fast response to any service call you send our way. We know your profits depend on your cooling equipment running well, and we will make your repairs a top priority. Additionally, you can call to schedule maintenance to check for potential problems and improve your units’ efficiency.


Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance:

Regular maintenance and inspection of your refrigeration equipment is the best way to ensure that your equipment doesn’t shut you down in an emergency situation. With a scheduled visit, a Cooper refrigeration expert will clean and inspect all the components of your equipment that can affect its performance. 

Preventative maintenance for refrigeration equipment is a wise investment for anyone in the food and beverage service industry. Read more about our maintenance plans for commercial kitchens.

technician repairing commercial ice machine