Cooper Electrical Services and Cummins Generators

Cooper Electrical Services is Cooper’s “sister company,” handling the Myrtle Beach region’s commercial and residential backup power needs. The Cooper team is proud to announce that CES is now an authorized dealer and service provider of Cummins brand generators. Cummins has been a manufacturer of quality-made engines for nearly 100 years. The Cooper team stands behind their products, and we are pleased to become an authorized dealer.

Cooper Electrical Services offers residential and light commercial generators to keep homes and businesses supplied with full power in the event of an outage. Cummins’ line of standby generators are clean, quiet, and efficient, tying to existing fuel sources like liquid propane, natural gas, and diesel. 

No-Fuss Backup Power for Hurricane Season

With a Cummins standby generator, your system will automatically detect power disruption and switch immediately to standby generated power. You don’t need to do anything. For homeowners, this means full power to all aspects of your home including HVAC and all major appliances. 

For small businesses, even a short power outage can be costly. Given the hurricanes along the Grand Strand in recent years, an outage may knock out power for days or even weeks. Commercial and light commercial generators guarantee that business keep their doors open when their competitors are closed.

What CES Offers as an Authorized Cummins Dealer

Cooper Electrical Services provides free, onsite assessment to determine your power needs. We provide free estimates that include the cost of installation.

As a Cummins dealer, we are also authorized to perform start-up testing, regular service, and warranty repairs. Customers can take comfort in knowing that Cummins generators are designed and manufactured in North America, and OEM inventory for all generators is easily available.

Learn More About Cooper Electrical Services

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