Hurricanes Can Blow Your HVAC Unit Over

Hurricane winds can easily knock your HVAC unit off its base, sometimes throwing it and damaging the housing and condenser components in the process. For this reason, there are many after-market HVAC “tie-down” kits. These tie-down kits anchor your unit with metal “straps” and bolts directly to a concrete slab. 

The problem for many residential customers is that it’s common in Myrtle Beach neighborhoods for contractors to rest HVAC units on “concrete colored” foam bases. While the foam is certainly strong enough to support the weight of an HVAC condenser and keep it off the ground, it isn’t possible to tie-down a unit by bolting it down into foam.

Using Tie-Out Stakes and Ratchet Straps to Secure Your HVAC

In the lead up to a major hurricane, many homeowners are looking to secure their HVAC units at the last minute. For these people, we recommend using long metal “tie out” stakes and nylon ratchet straps like the ones below. If you don’t already have something similar in your garage, you can find both at any home improvement or hardware store. We recommend 4 stakes and 2 straps per unit.

Just like strapping something to the roof of your car, keep your anchors parallel on either side of the unit. It’s best to use 4 stakes and 2 straps per unit.

While nothing is 100% hurricane-proof, the added straps should help secure your unit to its base and prevent damage that can come from it being knocked over or thrown.

Need HVAC or Electrical Repair?

After the hurricane is over, assess your HVAC unit and visually inspect for damage. If you notice anything wrong with your home’s air conditioning, heating, or electrical, give us a call. Cooper Mechanical Services has been Myrtle Beach’s family-owned and operated HVAC and electrical services company since 1989. We’ve seen what hurricanes can do, and we know how to fix it as you clean up in the aftermath. Don’t wait. Call Cooper today.