Maintenance agreements are even more important for homeowners who live in high-risk areas. 

Living at the beach you need to keep certain things in stock, such as sunscreen, flotation devices, and comprehensive maintenance agreements for your air conditioner! Beach life can be glorious, but gritty – sand is one of the most corrosive and problematic materials to expose mechanical devices to on a regular basis. Almost equally damaging in the elemental arena are heat and sunshine. Yikes! 

Living at the beach exposes you and your home to the trifecta of taboos for heating and air conditioning units. So make sure you’ve got a great maintenance plan that will take preventative measures to protect your home. Here are some ways maintenance agreements help:

Keep Your Equipment in Good Shape

With a regularly scheduled maintenance visit, your HVAC unit will be inspected for potential mechanical issues. This kind of preventative problem solving will keep the performance of your unit at top levels for longer. Air conditioners that are neglected over time lose their efficiency, becoming more costly to operate and often requiring expensive repairs that could have been avoided in the first place with a much cheaper maintenance visit. 

Scrub Behind the Ears

Maintenance visits also include cleanings, which are especially important when a unit is exposed to salt, sun, and heat on a daily basis. Beach homeowners must contend with these powerful elements. Regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance will keep your system working better for longer. 

It’s important to take the steps necessary to ensure your beach house HVAC runs optimally this season. Click here to get more information about the benefits of a maintenance agreement for your beach lifestyle.