Electric Vehicles are on the Rise in Myrtle Beach

Drive around Myrtle Beach these days and you’ll likely see something that has been dominating the California highways for years: a steady increase in Teslas and other fully electric vehicles (EV) on the road. In fact, EV are taking the country by storm. Stop by Coastal Grand Mall and you’ll see an entire section of Tesla quick charge stations, designated Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) spots, and preferred parking for electric cars. Whether you are motivated by their quiet efficiency, cutting edge technology, fossil fuel independence, or all of the above, electric vehicles are here to stay. 

For those interested in switching to an electric vehicle, you’ve likely done some research and weighed some of the challenges. First, electric vehicles, even long-range Tesla models, get 300-350 miles on a full charge. If you put a lot of daily and weekly miles on your car, you’ll need an at-home charger. In fact, over 95% of electric vehicle charging is done at home, which means you’ll probably plug-in overnight. Depending on the type of charger you choose and the model of your electric car, a full charge could take anywhere from 3 hours to 86 hours. That’s a huge window!

3 Levels of EV Charging

3 Levels of EVC

Electric car charging stations fall into 3 categories: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Electric Vehicle Chargers. Levels 1 and 2 are for residential use, and the Level 3 chargers are the commercial stations. Level 3 chargers are only for commercial use. Level 3 chargers are the ones that you’ve likely seen at the mall or outside commercial buildings around Myrtle Beach. There are over 80 different models of Level 1 and 2 charging stations from over a dozen manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers design chargers for all of the popular makes and models of electric cars.

So what does it take to install a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 electric vehicle charger?

Level 3 Tesla “Supercharger” station at Myrtle Beach’s Coastal Grand Mall.

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

An example of a Level 1 charger that plugs in to any 120V outlet

The Level 1 charging systems require no installation. Level 1 is simply the charging cable that comes with your electric car. A Level 1 charger is designed to plug in to a standard 120V wall outlet that can be found in your garage and around your home. While a Level 1 charger that comes with your vehicle won’t cost you anything additional in terms of equipment or installation, they are limiting. These chargers are the slowest chargers, and may need longer than “overnight” to fully charge. 

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

As you might imagine, Level 2 is a step up in terms of charging time. A Level 2 EVC uses 240V which can cut charging time in half. The average full-charge time for Level 2 is 3-8 hours. However, you’ll need a licensed electrician to convert your standard 120V outlet to a 240V one. This is a routine job, and you likely already have a couple 240V outlets in your home for large appliances like a washer and dryer. Adding an additional 240V outlet will require an added breaker to your electrical panel as well as the installation of new 4-strand wiring to your charging station outlet. The costs associated with adding or converting to 240V can range in price depending on the difficulty of the space and the overall health of your electrical system. However, a 240V installation usually starts around $750.

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Level 3 “Supercharging” stations are used for commercial settings. These quick charging stations can fully charge a vehicle in 1-2 hours! Some Level 3 stations are set up for “pay per charge,” or a flat fee for a 30-minute quick charge. Adding a Level 3 charging station can earn your building credits for energy efficiency which may come with certain incentives and breaks. Additionally, a Level 3 charger can also be a magnet to attract people to your commercial location. That said, a Level 3 charger is not a “one-size fits all.” These specialty superchargers are model specific, so the Tesla superchargers will not work for the Chevy Volt. For businesses or industry interested in a Level 3 charger, Cooper Mechanical Services is ready to explore options that meet your desires and needs.

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