Do I Need an Emergency Stop Button for a Myrtle Beach Hotel Pool and Spa or Community Swimming Pool?

The short answer is yes, you need an emergency stop button for a swimming pool or spa intended for guest or public use. Emergency stop buttons and switches are easily identifiable safety devices intended for use by anyone in the event of an emergency. Their installation in hotel pool and spa rooms is a National Electrical Code (NEC) standard and a best practice in swimming pool and spa areas for Myrtle Beach residential communities like HOA pools.

What is an Emergency Stop Button?

An emergency stop button may also be called an e-stop button or switch, or simply a “kill-switch.” It’s purpose is to immediately disconnect power to electrical equipment. In a hotel pool or spa room, the emergency stop cuts power to all electrical components in the pool or spa area, namely the pumps and circulation equipment. 

The emergency stop button is always a bright red button that is clearly labeled and in view of the pool or spa. In an event of electric shock drowning, fire, or other emergency, the stop button will immediately disconnect power from the main supply.

The NEC requires the emergency stop buttons are installed in commercial installations (like Myrtle Beach hotels and motels) to stop recirculating pumps and jet pumps (NEC 680.41). This code is a minimum standard for safety in commercial spaces, although an emergency stop button may be installed in residential or non-commercial installations as a best practice safety measure.

We Know NEC Code and South Carolina Laws

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