Book Covers Matter; So Does the Outside of Your Business

I’m not sure who coined the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but I’m sure it wasn’t the art director at a publishing house. Consider any item that catches your eye and garners your interest: a book on a shelf, a display in a storefront, or an image of an entree on a menu. An attractive exterior commands attention and helps build desire and interest. 

If your business is visible to customers or the public, is it sending the message you want it to send? Effective exterior illumination can get attention, build interest and add value to your company.

Exterior Lighting Gets Attention 

The exterior lighting of your commercial space is important, even after hours. Strategic lighting not only makes your signage and business space visible to those passing by after dark, but it can also create a mood and atmosphere of sophistication and professionalism. 

Exterior Illumination is More Than Just Lit Signage

Spotlighting the exterior signage is important, especially if that sign effectively communicates your products or services in a compelling way. However, an illuminated sign is not the only way to highlight your business.

Architectural lighting uses well-placed lighting to highlight the physical building for functional and aesthetic purposes. Lighting columns, archways and window frames with spotlighting can add an element of beauty in addition to making the space more functional and safe.

Pathway lighting often uses garden lights and small bullets to illuminate walkways and paths. 

Landscape lighting can be used to highlight plants, trees and shrubbery. Does your Grand Strand business have a palmetto or crepe myrtle in front? Maybe a large live oak? Using small spots to highlight landscaping is an effective way to draw eyes to your business.

Secure Your Business With Proper Lighting

No one wants to break in to a well-lit building. In addition to aesthetics, exterior illumination will deter crime and thieves. Lighting options for security include a variety of sensor types and smart lighting products that can be controlled from a wireless device.

As we mentioned in previous posts, lighting solutions have progressed rapidly in the 21st century. LED and smart lighting technology is cost-efficient and offers businesses customizable control.

Cooper Mechanical Services Can Help You Shine

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