FLIR Electrical Evaluation Detects Problems Using Thermal Imaging

Cooper Mechanical Services provides electrical, HVAC, and refrigeration services to homes and businesses in and around Myrtle Beach. With over 30 years of experience, and partnerships with the industries top training facilities, we are dedicated to using the latest methods available to safeguard you and your property against problems. Our top priority is helping you maintain a safe and comfortable environment, whether you are at work or at home. Take a look at one of the newest tools we are using to regulate your indoor climate and your risk of fires.


Preventing Accidents with the Help of Thermal Imaging

Thermal readings gauge the temperature of objects in front of a camera. It shows up in the viewfinder as swaths of color, and each color group correlates to a different temperature. These types of readings allow you to see how streams of air circulate through structures, as well as how much heat is being shed by mechanical and electrical elements.

Electrical fires are a particular hazard in older buildings and homes. So before you embark on a large renovation, it makes sense to have your electrical system tested for safety. The FLIR ThermaCAM can also be brought in whenever you suspect an electrical problem inside your walls. It can show evidence of damaged electrical wires, or if wires are drawing too much energy. In the event of a risk being discovered, our electrical service technicians will work with you to find the best solution.

FLIR Electrical Evaluation Useful in Climate Control, Too

Cooper Mechanical Services has spent more than three decades providing HVAC service to individuals and business owners. Those who require a strictly controlled heating and cooling environment – such as hospitals – the FLIR ThermaCAM can be an invaluable tool. The readings will help our technicians design the perfect setup for your property.

Protect your investments and prevent injuries with help from Cooper Mechanical Services. Take advantage of our impressive diagnostic tools and experience today. Contact us for a consultation or to find out more about FLIR electrical evaluation.

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technician using FLIR on electrical panel