Prep Your HVAC for Spring and Summer

Hot weather can start early in Myrtle Beach. As you perform spring cleaning around the house and yard, it’s helpful to do some brief inspection of your HVAC system. Taking a close look at your heating and air conditioning unit and vents can help you get ready for summer where your AC will be put to the test with high use. 

Additionally, making an HVAC check in early spring can also alert you to problems earlier. This means you won’t be sweltering if you do need to call a technician for a repair.

4-Step DIY HVAC Inspection

While Cooper Mechanical Services provides a comprehensive Clean & Service agreement for businesses and homeowners, we understand that some prefer the cost-saving, do-it-yourself method. Cooper Mechanical Services provides an extensive chemical cleaning and inspection, but for your safety, we present 4 simple inspection tips that do not require advanced knowledge.

1. Check & Replace Filters: This is the easy one. Inspect filters to make sure they fit properly (no gaps) and are not clogged with debris. For most, an inexpensive fiberglass is sufficient. However, some systems may require other types of filters. To learn more, check out our post on how to choose the correct HVAC air filter.

2. Check Exterior Unit: Your HVAC condenser unit is located outside your home or business. Some businesses may have them mounted on the roof. Trim weeds, grass, and other plants that are growing around your unit. Be sure to wash clippings and debris away with a hose (the water will not hurt your unit). Aim to have at least two feet of clear area around your unit. It’s also a good idea to run your HVAC and listen to your unit. Make note of any unusual or unfamiliar sounds, and consider calling Cooper Mechanical Services if you are concerned.

3. Check Vents: Back inside, check all the vents or air returns. Make sure they are open and free of debris. If you have floor vents, ensure they are not blocked by furniture or rugs, and that air is free to distribute. This will make sure you have good ventilation, and will make your HVAC more effective and efficient.

4. Check the HVAC Drip Pan: Outside, check the drain pan below your HVAC unit. Make sure it’s not backed up or clogged. Cooper Mechanical Services includes drain line and pan cleaning in our schedule service, but if you’d like to do it DIY, be sure to shut off power to your HVAC before wiping blockage away with a towel or wet/dry vacuum.

Call Cooper for Honest HVAC Service

Want a professional to service and inspect your HVAC before the hot summer weather arrives? Cooper’s Clean & Service agreements provide comprehensive scheduled maintenance twice a year. We’ll visit your home or business before the summer and winter to clean and inspect all major components and functions. 

A Clean & Service agreement is the best way to extend the life of your HVAC unit. To learn more, Call Cooper today.