Your home is your castle. Make sure you heed warning signs that you need electrical service.

Is your house issuing a cry for help? Saving money on smaller DIY repairs and projects around the house is admirable. But at a certain point, getting professional electrical service technicians involved is in your best interest. Not only will you be pampering your house, you’ll be investing in personal comfort and safety in your own home.

You might be past due for electrical service if:

• Lights dim when you turn major appliances on. 

This is a classic sign that equipment like your air conditioner or dishwasher is drawing heavily on the available current. It might not seem like a big deal, but it could damage your appliances in the long run and drain energy that racks up on monthly utility bills.

• Outlets are warm, tingly, or inconsistent. 

When your outlets start to exhibit strange behavior, it’s an indication that some underlying issue has begun to escalate. If you get a slight shock from your outlets, or can’t always get them to connect with plugs and appliances, it could be faulty wiring.

• You can’t remember the last time you upgraded your electrical service. 

Especially with historic (read as: old) houses, you need to keep on top of outdated wiring and other potentially unsafe electrical situations. Electrical problems are responsible for a significant percentage of domestic fires every year. 

For more information about electrical service and how to know when the time has come, ask the professionals at Cooper Mechanical Services.