Effective HVAC in Healthcare Facilities is Imperative

Effective heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning at medical and healthcare facilities isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity and requirement. In addition to creating a comfortable space for healthcare workers and their patients, efficient HVAC systems can help keep people healthy and safe. 

Cooper Mechanical Services uses customizable Clean & Service agreements to help our Myrtle Beach healthcare partners deliver quality service in properly cooled, heated, and ventilated workspaces.

Customizable Clean & Service Agreements

Not all HVAC systems are the same, nor are business needs the same. Cooper Mechanical Services works with healthcare facilities, medical offices, and hospitals of all sizes to create custom service agreements that start with biannual scheduled service, inspection and cleaning.

The scope and frequency of visits can be tailored to your needs, and we can help all clients make improvements for HVAC efficiency and cost savings. 

Clean & Service Includes Thorough Inspection Too

All scheduled visits include a comprehensive inspection of the indoor and outdoor components of the HVAC system and a deep chemical cleaning. During each visit a Cooper Mechanical Services professional will do the following:

  • Inspect indoor and outdoor HVAC components
  • Inspect electrical and wiring 
  • Chemically treat and clean all evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean all drain pans and drain lines
  • Check thermostat operations
  • Test all safety controls

Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life expectancy of a healthcare facility’s HVAC system. They are also helpful in identifying problems or system failures early, before costly repairs or threatening conditions to vulnerable populations.

Sign Up for a Custom Service Agreement Today

Because Myrtle Beach is a large summer vacation destination, medical and healthcare facilities see rises in patients during the same months that we experience our hottest, most humid temperatures. 

An HVAC failure during the summer months is costly and potentially dangerous for those in hospitals. Cooper Mechanical Services technicians are happy to meet to discuss your unique situation to design a plan so you can continue to work in comfortable and safe indoor air environments.