We’re More Than Commercial HVAC for Hotels and Restaurants

It’s summertime, so when people see our service trucks and vans around Myrtle Beach, they tend to think about air-conditioning. HVAC is a big part of what we do for commercial clients. In hotels and restaurants, we provide installation, maintenance and repair services for air conditioning, heating, ventilation. But as the Grand Strand’s premier mechanical and electrical services provider, we also do a whole lot more. Myrtle Beach hotels and restaurants rely on many mechanical systems to keep guests cool, comfortable, and safe.¬†

Additional Services for Hotels and Restaurants

Here are some of our other big commercial services in addition to hotel and restaurant HVAC:

Commercial Lighting

We handle installation and repair for inside and outside lighting solutions. As an unlimited-license electrical contractor, we cover everything from parking lot and pole lighting to room or pool lighting. Our electricians are highly knowledgable and can assist you in finding conventional and smart lighting solutions that conserve energy, save money, and keep people and facilities safe and secure. 

Commercial Refrigeration

We also work closely with many businesses in the service and hospitality sector in Myrtle Beach installing, cleaning, and repairing commercial refrigerators, freezers, and ice machines. Faulty refrigeration equipment can lead to customer dissatisfaction or worse. SCDHEC inspections require holding temperatures and sanitation standards for walk-ins, display cases, and even ice machines. Our mechanical professionals work with all major manufacturers to ensure your hotel or restaurant is safe and up-to-code.

Emergency Shut-Off

Commercial boilers and heated pools and spas require emergency shut-off valves or switches. Our team is qualified to evaluate, install, or repair your boiler shut-off so you are compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (Code 85).

Stairwell Pressurization

Stairwell pressurization exists in part to suppress fires from spreading from hotel rooms and hallways to stairwells which are the primary means of escape. Pressurization also improves the ease with which doors can open and close. Stairwell pressurization is required for National Fire Protection Association code compliance. Our mechanical team is fully equipped to verify and solve issues relating to stairwell pressure.

Generators and Back-Up Power

Our sister company, Cooper Electrical Services, handles all commercial generator sales, installation, maintenance, and repair. Living in the path of destructive storms, businesses need to be prepared when power goes out. Our generator team allows businesses to keep facilities operational and secure for extended periods of time.

Your Source for Mechanical and Electrical Services

The above is just a highlight of some of the regular kinds of projects we work on. If your hotel or restaurant needs expert mechanical or electrical services, please contact us. Our team is knowledgable, professional, and dependable. We’ve been serving the Myrtle Beach area since 1989, and we’re proud to be a part of this community. Don’t wait, Call Cooper.