When you are dealing with a unit that gets intermittent use, a maintenance agreement is essential.

Maintenance agreements will guarantee better performance from your air conditioning system all year long. Whether you are the owner and manager of vacation rental property, or a guest worried about the comfort and conditions of your rental in the hot summer months, a maintenance inspection is the answer you seek. 

Vacation properties are typically only rented during holiday seasons – summer or winter primarily. These also happen to be the months with the most extreme weather, when heating and cooling units are vital to comfort and safety. If you are letting a vacation rental sit without proper maintenance throughout the rest of the year, you can bet there will be issues when renters arrive. 

Investing in preventative maintenance inspections for your cooling system at different points throughout the year will save you big on emergency repairs and keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high. When residents stay in a vacation rental, they don’t want to deal with all the trappings of home repair. People go on vacation to get away from life’s hard realities. Don’t risk the air conditioner going rogue when you’ve got paying guests staying in your rental!

Rental properties need all sorts of upkeep in the off-season. Add a maintenance inspection to the list of essential investments. The minimal cost of a couple checkups each year is much more manageable than the cost of an unanticipated emergency repair situation. Nothing kills a customer review like hot, miserable living conditions during their week that was supposed to be relaxing and carefree.

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