Most people spend as much time at their jobs as they do in their home; you deserve commercial services that guarantee the safest and cleanest air in your office.

Commercial services determine your indoor environment at work. Sitting in the same office space day in and day out, do you have peace of mind on the safety of your respiratory health? Office ventilation systems need to be regularly serviced, just the same way the system in your house or apartment does. 

Many commercial buildings are required to adhere to frequent maintenance standards. But you have the power to follow-up on all matters pertaining to your health and any risks that could potentially be posed. 

Be aware of these two common warning signs. These could be indicators that the air you breathe on a daily basis isn’t as safe as it could be:

1. Frequent Respiratory Problems

If you notice persistent respiratory symptoms like dry or itchy throat, coughing, or other issues, it could be a response to allergens like dust or mold contained within the ductwork of the system. 

2. Strange Smells

Air that is properly filtered will be odorless, but if you notice an unusual smell within your office building – the source could be a dirty filter. Dirty filters are an easy problem to fix, but they need to be examined on a regular basis. 

The best way to guarantee clean air in the workplace is to trust your instincts. Be on the lookout and speak up if you have concerns about the quality of air in your building. Remember that possible quality issues could contribute to or exacerbate existing allergies or medical conditions. 

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