Make this winter a season of balance with maintenance agreements that keep your utility bills reasonable in cooler weather.

As temperatures drop, heating units work harder to keep your indoor environment as comfortable as possible; a maintenance agreement is the key to securing optimal performance from your HVAC unit. Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring this energy spike, and don’t think twice about cranking their heating system up without restraint. By the time they get their first winter utility bill, it’s too late to go back and be more conservative.

Lowering your utility bill doesn’t mean you are doomed to suffer through chilly nights! Conserving energy can be done in such a way that you will hardly notice a change in the comfort of your home. In fact, the only real change should come from your routine of mindfulness and finding easy ways to reduce energy bills. Consider these small actions: 

1. Get time on your side! 

Making a schedule for the heating and cooling of your home is imperative. Going out of town for a few days? Working late a couple nights this week? Remember to set your thermostat accordingly and you won’t end up spending money on heating that you won’t even be home to enjoy.

2. Remember to get a maintenance check. 

Before the biggest chill sets in, get an expert to look over your heating system for any potential issues. Spend a little extra cash now to avoid a meltdown in the middle of winter when the costs are cash, comfort, and convenience. 

3. Invest in zoning. 

This allows you to control the space that your system heats and be selective about the amount of energy that goes into air temperature control. Especially if you live in a bigger house or building, don’t pay to heat rooms you don’t use. 

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