Commercial services are a pivotal part of the business budget. 

Keeping your customers and employees comfortable is paramount, but there’s more to commercial services than just keeping cool. 

Here are some basic guidelines for picking the HVAC system your company can thrive with:

1. Get What You Need.

What are the most important temperature control factors for your business? Do you need to regulate warehouse space for merchandise while also keeping an office comfortable for clients to visit? Are there any refrigeration needs that have to be prioritized? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when you assess the options for you heating and cooling system. Another important factor is size, as some units aren’t equipped to effectively service large spaces. 

2. Keep Location in Mind.

The kind of commercial HVAC system you choose will depend on the variable of climate. If your business is located in an area where temperatures spike in the summer, but relatively mild winter seasons prevail, a unit with effective cooling capabilities will be essential. 

3. Remember Maintenance and Installation.

Some HVAC units are easier to assemble and install than others. Give thought to the maintenance routine before you commit, as this will help with long-term financial planning. It’s also helpful to get a timeline estimate on the installation process so your business can keep customers comfortable and informed. 

4. Ask the Experts.

Getting input from technicians early in the selection process is important. This will help you make a more informed decision, as you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge and ask specific questions about operating costs, maintenance tips, installation fees and more. 

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