Heating and air conditioning are not the only weapons you have in the fight for balanced humidity this winter.

Most homeowners are concerned about keeping their houses warm during the chilly winter months with proper heating and air conditioning. But temperature isn’t the only key to finding comfort. A crackling fire in the hearth is cozy, but too much heat can dry out the air and leave you more miserable than before.

Keeping moisture in the air is imperative. When air becomes too dry, your skin and any respiratory conditions immediately feel the effects. Are you waking up with a scratchy throat in the middle of the night? Is the skin on your hands cracking, no matter how much lotion you apply? Your home’s humidity level could be the culprit. Here are a couple of ways to take the best corrective action: 

1. Get a Humidifier.

Humidifiers are a large part of the total indoor comfort solution. Localized application of humidifiers in bedrooms or sitting rooms can be helpful, but for some people they simply aren’t enough. Whole-home humidifiers offer a more comprehensive solution and distribute moisture more evenly throughout indoor spaces. 

2. Don’t Overdo It.

Use caution when trying to get moisture back into your indoor environment, and make sure that you don’t overdo it. Just like anything, too much moisture can be a bad thing. What you need is to reach a balance with your indoor humidity levels. Houses can start to show damage if its moisture levels are too high, and residents can feel the effects if they are too low. 

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