Electrical and refrigeration changes might mean adjustments for your business.

Electrical and refrigeration standards are of the utmost importance, and successful businesses have to stay on top of changes as they occur. 

R-22 has been one of the most popular refrigerants for commercial heating and air conditioning systems for years. Unfortunately, the emissions from this chemical carry heavy repercussions for the environment and have been linked to depletions in the ozone layer. A phase-out of R-22 is currently underway in businesses and homes. Complying with new standards is imperative for the protection of your business as fines are now attached to violations. 

Here’s what you need to know about this change:

Recovery and Recycling

R-22 cannot be legally vented into the atmosphere during installation or service processes, but it can still be redirected back for reuse in the same system. This means your business can continue benefitting from the current supply of R-22 until it has reached its maximum potential in existing units. 

Reclaiming R-22

Current quantities of R-22 can be reclaimed; this refers to a reprocessing technique that delivers new and safer purity standards for emissions. Businesses get a return on their R-22 once it has been improved and updated. The goal is to be using only recycled or reclaimed refrigerants in the heating and cooling industry in the next 5 years. 

Destroying R-22

If your business does not have the capacity to repurpose the R-22 in its possession, you are still responsible for proper destruction or disposal of this product in a safe way. Safer refrigerants are being introduced on the market as R-22 slowly disappears from the industry landscape. Embracing the new products is essential for businesses to adapt and continue in a competitive market. 

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