Winter is approaching, although with some days in the 70s around Myrtle Beach, you may not notice it. There are signs, though. The Grand Strand has seen some yo-yoing temps and even a first frost. In homes and businesses, HVAC units likely switched from AC to heat in a single day. But colder weather will arrive soon, and now is the perfect time to make sure your heat works effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips to get your heating unit ready for the winter season.

Sign Up for Clean & Service Contract

A Clean & Service agreement with Cooper Mechanical Services includes a full inspection of your heat pump, furnace, or heating system. Our service agreements cover full chemical cleaning, inspection and tests, and can be scheduled bi-annually before winter and summer. Scheduled service is the best way to get your heating and air conditioning system ready for the cold and hot seasons in South Carolina.

Replace Air Filters

Air intake and vent filters in your home serve two purposes. First, they keep dust and debris from entering your vents and HVAC unit. They also filter particulates from filtered air exiting vents. This is good for air quality and your health. A clean air filter heated air flow, allowing filtered air to pass easily, reducing the strain on your HVAC system. For most homeowners, Cooper Mechanical Services recommends the inexpensive fiberglass filters, as long as they are changed regularly.

Inspect Heating Vents

It’s a basic problem with a simple solution, but sometimes it is the obvious stuff we overlook. Walk around your home or office to check airflow from each vents. Make sure vents are fully opened and not blocked by furniture or other obstructions. Restricted airflow from block vents reduces heating effectiveness.

Conduct a Sensory Test

Simply put, turn on your heat, wait for it to kick on, and then look, listen, smell and feel. Observe your outdoor unit and listen for odd noises or anything out of the ordinary. Walk through your home and feel vents to make sure air is flowing. Take note of any unusual smells. A simply sensory test may alert you to a potential problem area early, which could save you money and headache should a breakdown occur in the heart of winter. 

Call Cooper

Cooper Mechanical Services provides 24/7 emergency service for heating, heat pump, and furnace repair. Our professional technicians are on call to make sure you are comfortable in all seasons, all year long. Check out our video overview to learn more about our Clean & Service agreements and how to keep your HVAC running efficiently.