Myrtle Beach isn’t a stranger to lightning or other electrical surges. You have probably already lost expensive electronics or appliances to an electrical surge or know someone who has. Protect your electrical devices with a whole home surge protection breaker like the Square D HomeLine Surgebreaker by Schneider Electric. The surgebreaker will install inside your home’s existing electrical panel.

Installing the Surgebreaker

While the installation process is very direct, the breaker installation should only be conducted by a qualified technician. So be careful, as working with electricity has inherent dangers. If you find yourself in over your head, stop immediately, and call a licensed electrical contractor.

Before we begin, ensure that you have available space inside your electrical panel. Start by turning off the main breaker in the electrical panel (never work on live circuits). Next, remove the panel cover. Then, locate the empty space in the panel. The white wire on the surgebreaker will attach to the panel’s ground bar. Then, install the whole home surge protection breaker the same way you would install a traditional breaker. Remove the knockouts in the panel cover that align with the new surgebreaker and reinstall the cover. Finally, energize the panel by turning on the main breaker. The green light on the surge breaker will glow if the breaker was properly installed.

Need Help installing the surge protection breaker?

If you don’t feel confident installing the whole home surge protection breaker yourself, contact us to schedule your installation. A typical installation takes less than an hour and prices start around $200. Our team has been providing the Myrtle Beach area with exceptional electrical service and repairs for over 30 years, so you will know that your electrical repairs are done right the first time.