The thermometer reads 88 but it feels like the inner ring of Dante’s infernal circles out there. There’s no doubt the Myrtle Beach’s summer get hot, but it’s our high humidity that really exacerbates the situation. The “heat index” is the perceived temperature we feel, and the number is a calculation that takes both temperature and humidity into consideration.

It’s been an incredibly hot and humid summer so far. Our HVAC team has been all over the Grand Strand, troubleshooting air conditioning problems and bringing our customers cool relief.

Humidity and HVAC Systems

High humidity will make things feel hotter. That leads people to rely more on cold air conditioning for comfort. Modern HVAC systems in homes and workplaces cycle air over cold coils while also removing moisture from the air. This moisture exits your HVAC system by a small drain pipe, usually on the side of your home near the condenser unit.

If your system is ineffective and not sufficiently reducing indoor humidity, you probably won’t feel that cool, dry relief. There are clear signs that your HVAC system isn’t handling humidity well: condensation on windows, warm indoor temps despite thermostat (remember, humidity makes it feel warmer than it indicates), and damp or musty smells.

These are all clear signs that you’ll want an HVAC professional to take a look at your unit.

Fixing Indoor Humidity

There are some things you can do to address an indoor humidity problem before calling a Cooper Mechanical Services tech.

If you’re a DIY homeowner and want to do some troubleshooting, look for leaks where excess moisture may be escaping, change your filters to increase airflow, or add fans to add air circulation (especially in big homes or ones not properly zoned). Also, check to see if your thermostat has a “dry” setting.

Of course if your problem is more serious than a clogged filter, you’ll want to trust Cooper Mechanical Services to diagnose and fix your problem. 

You may also want to explore a dehumidifier system that integrates with your existing HVAC ductwork.

Don’t Sweat; Call Cooper

Cooper Mechanical Services has been providing the Myrtle Beach area with stellar HVAC, electrical, and mechanical services since 1989. Our reputation as a quality, family-owned business is built around honest, dependable work and affordable rates. 

Don’t sweat it out for the rest of the summer. Call Cooper for a timely response and an accurate estimate.