As the most trusted commercial electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, we believe every workplace should be efficient, safe, and pleasing to the eye. That’s why our lighting upgrades use the best products and technology available.

The project focused on upgrading the electrical and HVAC systems of new office building. In this post we’ll talk about specific improvements we made as well as how you can enjoy the same products and services.

The Rundown  

new electrical panel Myrtle Beach office

With this in mind, we installed new electrical service panels to give each office cubicle its own individual circuit. We also added two new ceiling cassettes for the most up-to-date, low-profile temperature regulation. The conference room now features dimming controls to maximize comfort in the building’s most important space.

The building needed some core HVAC repairs, so we replaced the existing air handler and ductwork. A standard and ducted mini split system were also added for significant energy savings with a more modern look. 

In addition, we upgraded all light switches and receptacles as well as exit signs and emergency lighting. 

emergency office lighting
exit sign with backup lighting in myrtle beach

Options for You

STRP-LED by RAB lighting is a popular interior option for commercial settings. 

These LED lights look similar to conventional fluorescent fixtures at first look. However, they offer more options at higher efficiency. 

Designed for surface mounting, all of RAB’s LED lights run from cool to warm to give your space the ideal look. Motion sensors adjust light output based on room occupancy, leading to more savings. Release buttons on the sides mean tool-free wiring access.

Subtle Profiles

EZPAN LED lighting is a top choice in this area. A sleek, low-profile fixture, EZPAN is popular lighting upgrade for several reasons. 

First, these come in a variety of models and install easily. You can control both by using a 0-10V dimming driver, providing the perfect setting for your environment. Standard EZPAN models have a lifespan of 60,000 hours at 10 hours daily use. Better yet, EZPAN is just under 2” tall and fits nearly flush into the ceiling. 

Rab smartshift led lighting installed in commercial drop ceiling

Designed with You in Mind

These lights can pair with SmartShift™ and Lightcloud™ to bring you state-of-the-art illumination. But what makes these technologies so special? 

Over the last century, harsh interior lighting has disrupted millions of people’s natural circadian rhythms. This can result in health problems ranging from poor sleep to Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

commercial office LED light panel

SmartShift™ uses a design to correct these issues. By avoiding harsh lighting, the system syncs light tones with local sunrise and sunset. This helps restore the body’s natural circadian rhythm as a result. With one-button controls and a central dashboard, SmartShift™ improves quality of life as well as productivity. 

As for RAB’s Lightcloud™, this lighting control system can be installed anywhere and is completely wireless. Custom timers and schedules give you total control over your area’s lighting. using your phone, tablet, or computer. 

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. What this means for our commercial customers is code compliance, convenience, and safety. 

Do you need to update your lighting and electric options? Don’t settle for just any electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach. Call Cooper, your one-stop service for all your electrical and HVAC needs.