Indoor Pool Humidity Control with the Dectron Dry-O-Tron

Hotels, resorts, and residential community centers stay competitive with amenities including indoor pools, gyms, and spas and saunas. These recreational luxuries are important selling features, and they require proper maintenance and care. Hotel and resort indoor pools and spas are notorious producers of excess moisture. Similarly, anyone familiar with an indoor heated pool knows the challenge of dehumidification in these spaces. One product series we are excited to promote is the Dectron Dry-O-Tron line of dehumidification systems. The Dry-O-Tron is a unique solution for humidity control, able to remove excessive moisture from your pool area and use it to heat your pool water, offering efficiency and savings.

Indoor Pool Humidity Control is Essential

Excessive humidity is a problem. For one, it’s uncomfortable. Guests are less likely to use indoor recreational services and are less inclined rate your hotel favorably if your indoor pool is overwhelmingly hot and steamy. Additionally, excessive moisture can also lead to structural damage and mold, presenting companies with health and safety hazards. Humidity from indoor swimming pools can cause moisture to cling to walls, ceilings, and floors. As a result, guests could slip on moisture on the floor and mold could grow on the ceilings and walls. Moreover, the structural integrity of the building can be compromised in extreme cases. All of this heat and moisture must be captured and redirected in order to maintain a comfortable and safe indoor pool room.

Image is screenshot of Dectron Dry-O-Tron for indoor pool humidity control
The Dectron Dry-O-Tron DS Series is a robust and responsive dehumidification system designed for the unique challenges facing hotels with indoor pools. Image credit: Dectron Dry-O-Tron informational download.

Advanced Dehumidification and Energy Efficiency

If your resort indoor swimming pool room is too steamy, an advanced dehumidification system is needed. While many may think that a standard HVAC can handle the ventilation, the reality is that this is not the case. Dectron is the leading provider of solutions specifically for hotel indoor pools. The Dry-O-Tron DS Series removes 12 to 120 lbs of moisture from the air per hour and moves 600 to 8,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air through its system. In addition, the Dry-O-Tron comes with Vision 2.0 control and monitoring, allowing hotel staff to remotely monitor and adjust humidity levels. Dectron users will also be more energy efficient. More specifically, the Dry-O-Tron makes it possible to offset indoor pool heating costs by recycling escaped heat and using it to heat the water. The Dectron Dry-O-Tron is proud to be the “original energy recycling dehumidifier.”

Want to learn more? Check out the Dectron video below:

Dectron Dry-O-Tron solution for indoor pool dehumidification and water heating.

Solve Your Hotel Indoor Pool Humidity Problems 

In short, we want your hotel to succeed and your guests to enjoy their stay. Don’t let excessive moisture in your indoor pool area lead to slips, falls, mold, or worse. Call Cooper Mechanical Services, and we’ll help you find ways to keep your indoor pool area comfortable and safe for all your guests to enjoy.