Installation and Repair Jobs with a Bucket Truck

As a full-service HVAC and electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, we tackle all kinds of commercial jobs that require special equipment. Cooper Mechanical Services has a bucket truck so we can accomplish all types of jobs safely and efficiently. Sometimes call a cherry picker, these types of heavy equipment are known more formally as aerial work platforms. When it comes to electrical, lighting, or security installation, our bucket truck gives us access to areas previously inaccessible.

Experienced Teams for Projects at a Height

The Cooper Mechanical Services team uses the aerial work platform for a variety of projects at a height. Some of our work includes planning, installation, and maintenance or repair of the following:

  • Parking Lot Lighting: From outdoor lots to covered, multi-level garages, our bucket allows us to wire and install lighting for parking lots. Make sure your guests or patrons have a safe, well-lit area to park with ample, energy-efficient lighting technology.
  • Bridges and Infrastructure: Our aerial work platform also lets us do work on new infrastructure or  upgrades. Cooper electricians can wire for pole light kits for roads and bridges.
  • Signage: Attract eyes to your business with attractive signage drivers can see. A bucket truck lets us wire signage at a height guaranteed to be seen.
  • Security and Surveillance: Wire and mount security equipment around your business, parking lot, or amenity center with our bucket truck.
  • Hotel and Motel Repair: Sometimes electrical and HVAC repair requires technicians to gain access to challenging places. An aerial platform allows our team to work safely and save time.

Solutions Up High with Cooper Mechanical Services

Cooper Mechanical Services invests in the equipment that allow us to do projects of all sizes safely and efficiently. Our bucket truck, or aerial work platform, allows us to work on all kinds of projects from parking lots and decks to bridges and hotels. 

Have a job at a height? Call Cooper to learn more about the scope of our work and what we can offer.