Myrtle Beach summers can overwork AC units and make energy bills soar. However, spring’s rich colors and smells will come beforehand, bringing those curveball hot days and unpredictable humidity. 

During this time, energy costs will rise, but you can balance comfort and cost-efficiency with a few easy steps. With that in mind, today’s blog will tell you all about keeping cool and saving energy in the Southeastern spring.

Work With Your Windows

It might seem obvious, but your windows offer more than just a nice view; they have a double function of letting cool in and keeping heat out, especially during spring. As such, the US Department of Energy offers numerous suggestions on how to save money and energy. Some of those include:

  • Insulated Cellular Shades
  • Window Quilts
  • Roller & Roman Shades
  • Louvered Blinds
  • Curtains & Drapes 
  • Window Films

Along with these cosmetic enhancements, a simpler hack is cracking your windows on cooler mornings to reduce the amount your unit will have to run in the first place. It’s a total win—you feel refreshed, your unit works less, and the smell of Mother Nature’s fresh offerings fills your living space. That said, we advise doing this on a day that won’t fill your home with pollen (unless you’re particularly adventurous).

Play It Smart

Finding a balance that keeps you comfortable while minimizing energy usage is key for spring’s fluctuating temperatures. The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your cooling bill. 

A great way to achieve this balance is to invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are WiFi-enabled devices that offer an impressive host of benefits: 

  • Consistent Temperature. Your home is more comfortable when it avoids both major hot and cold spots. Smart thermostats make this possible while lowering your energy bills. 
  • Tracking and Ease of Use. When these thermostats track energy usage, they give specific feedback on how you use energy. You can also control them via smartphone, making precise adjustments based on the energy tracking even while away from home. 
  • Learning and Prediction. Once you’ve gone through the initial setup, the devices begin to learn and predict your energy usage. The result? Less time spent programming, more time spent enjoying your home’s new comfort. 
  • Improved Air Quality. When your unit is sucking in less air than it needs to, you can avoid contaminating your home from poor outside air quality or an ill-maintained unit. 

Maintain Your Cooling System

Temperatures and humidity constantly fluctuate during spring in the Southeast, thus making AC unit upkeep vital. Efficient cooling helps combat the muggy weather, making for a more comfortable and affordable indoor environment. 

There are some real health benefits to upkeep, too, especially for those of us suffering from allergies. Regular maintenance (including filter replacements and duct cleanings) reduces pollen and allergens circulating indoors by keeping the air clean and fresh. 

Additionally, maintaining your AC unit in the spring safeguards against unexpected breakdowns during the hotter months ahead. Addressing any emerging issues early on prevents inconvenient and potentially costly repairs, ensuring uninterrupted cooling when temperatures soar during the summer.

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