Heating and air conditioning costs can cripple your budget.

Heating and air conditioning can be an expensive part of your utility bill, but with summer getting into full swing there are few homeowners who want to compromise on their cooling habits. Cutting back on running the air conditioner can be very difficult to manage. 

Keep reading for steps you can take to keep costs as low as possible while staying cool this summer:

Insulation Nation

With the kids off from school, running in and out of the house is much more common. Doors get left open, cool air escapes into the muggy afternoon, and you are left holding the bill. Being more mindful about insulation in your home can be an effective way to maintain temperature control. 

Don’t leave windows open, don’t use the oven or stove as often in the summer, and if you are really concerned about that spike in your energy bill, get a technician to evaluate the insulation of your house. If your home stays cooler for longer, you won’t feel the need to dial back the thermostat as frequently. 

Ergo Airflow

Investing in secondary airflow assistance from floor fans is a cost smart way to avoid cranking the air conditioner. By keeping the air moving, you will enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment at little additional cost. 

You can also keep the shades drawn when the sun is at peak swelter around midday. This will protect your home from needlessly heating up only to be cooled back down by the cooling unit. 

It’s not uncommon for a small spike in your bills to occur as the seasons change and the temperatures start to rise. If there is a significant increase and you can’t figure out any correlation between the higher bill and your heating/cooling habits, you should probably consult a technician to make sure you aren’t working with an energy inefficient system. 

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