cooper technician repairing myrtle beach air conditioning

AC Sales and Installation: Choose from a variety of makes and models from top carriers. Our team will help you find the best air conditioning system for your home and budget. Feel confident knowing your AC is properly sized and expertly installed at your home.

AC Repair: If your air conditioning stops working as it should, Cooper HVAC experts are always on-call. We deliver dependable and affordable air conditioning repair for all brands and system types. Receive friendly and honest repair service, without hidden costs or up-selling.

AC Maintenance: Beat the Myrtle Beach heat with regularly scheduled cleaning and service before summer and winter for your HVAC system. AC units that receive regular cleaning and maintenance are more efficient and last longer, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Affordable Residential Air Conditioning Installation for the Myrtle Beach Area

Air conditioning installation is too big of a job – and an expense – to trust to anyone except the area’s top experts. Cooper Mechanical Services provides you with over 30 years of AC experience in Myrtle Beach. We’ll help you select the best system for your home across a variety of top brands, and we guarantee that it is installed the right way the first time.

Cooper Mechanical Services performs residential HVAC installations for any size and brand of air-cooling system. We bring local expertise to help homeowners handle the kinds of preventable problems causing HVAC trouble in the area, including corrosion and damage from salt air. Our team takes time to help homeowners learn their new AC system and the preventative care needed to make it last.

How to Install a Whole Home Surge Protection Breaker

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Residential HVAC Repair in Myrtle Beach: A Case Study and Testimonial

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Breathe Easier with a Professional HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

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How Pets Affect Your HVAC

Pets Bring Love and Joy to a Home (but also dander and debris) Dogs and cats bring immense joy to their owners, quickly becoming part of the family. And like all living beings in a home, pets contribute to the dander, debris, and dirt that finds its way into the air...

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Save Lives with a Carbon Monoxide Detector

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What is a VRF HVAC System? Variable refrigerant flow, or VRF, is a type of heating and cooling system for residential or commercial applications. In order to understand how VRF is unique, it’s helpful to understand the basics of common HVAC systems. Most heating and...

Check Your HVAC Heating Before Fall

As Winter Approaches, Take Stock of Your Home's Heating System There are always a handful of days between seasons that are wonderful in South Carolina. Neither too hot nor too cold, they are days we open the windows and relish the fresh air. These between season days...

Responsive Air Conditioning Repair Service You Can Trust in the Myrtle Beach Area

With emergency repairs available 24/7, homeowners in the Myrtle Beach area rely on Cooper Mechanical Services to keep things cool. Even if your AC breaks down in the middle of the night, or over the weekend, we can have highly-trained, certified technicians to your door in minutes.

Avoid hidden service charges and aggressive upselling from other companies. The Cooper AC repair team builds trust and lasting relationships with customers through prompt and honest repair service. Take comfort knowing that Cooper Mechanical Services provides dependable repair on all major styles and brands of AC equipment at affordable rates.

Save Money and Increase the Life of Your AC with a Clean & Service Plan

Head into the heat of summer confident your home’s cooling system is up to the task. Homeowners that opt for regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance twice a year have HVAC systems that are more efficient and have fewer needs for repair.

A Clean & Service plan from Cooper Mechanical Services includes a full inspection and deep cleaning. Each visit includes a chemical cleaning all evaporator and condenser coils and condenser pans, as well as a full flushing of drain lines. A diagnostic test of coolant pressure, thermostat operations, and electrical components ensure your system is running at its best.