Lightcloud is a Wireless Lighting System

When it comes to lighting solutions, cloud-based systems are at the forefront. Leading the pack is Lightcloud by RAB, a residential and commercial lighting solution that distinguishes itself with its streamlined, easy-to-use mobile apps that allow for total light control from anywhere. With the Lightcloud system, users can access and adjust their lighting from any mobile device through the Lightcloud app, available for free in the Apple store and Google Play store.

There are many commercial applications of this system. Myrtle Beach businesses in food service, hospitality, parking and storage, retail, manufacturing and many more can see benefits from cloud-based lighting solutions. The only requirement is a strong cellular signal from a nearby tower.

An Easy Way to Control Lighting

Cooper Mechanical Services finds the Lightcloud app to be extremely easy to use. The user experience is streamlined, allowing those with the app to quickly access core features in a simple and clean interface.

Users can create custom lighting presets. For example, a commercial property may want to adjust the lighting for certain times or to accentuate certain moods. In a business or school, you can create a light setting for “presentation” mode, dark enough to see a projected image but light enough to allow people to see one another and take notes.

The software includes an “intuitive” control setting that adapts to changes in facility usage and natural light. The custom controls also allow for businesses to control costs and maximize energy savings.

The appeal of Lightcloud is that you don’t need to fumble through settings or deal with a cumbersome app. Changes are fast and easy. According RAB, Lightcloud can cut energy spending by up to 68% when coupled with government incentives, and Lightcloud pays for itself in savings within an average of 6 months.

Installation and Setup is a Breeze

Another benefit of the system is the setup and short learning curve. Installation and setup is quick. For many, the addition of a new digital interface is overwhelming. Cooper Mechanical Services has found that end-users find the Lightcloud app intuitive and quick to learn.

There is a wide variety of Lightcloud-enabled fixtures for indoor and outdoor settings.

Additionally, Lightcloud by RAB has a resource guide and video tutorials on their website in addition to a customer support service.

If you are interested in learning more about a cloud-based lighting solution for your Myrtle Beach home or business, Call Cooper today.